Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Barrier Reef, Batman!!

I can remember when Aussie livestock was about as hard to come by as the new "hybrid ultra awesome reverse disco chalice," or whatever the current obsession happens to be.

It was not that long ago really, I remember being at my first coral farmers market in 2008 and hobbyist's searching out the next hot acanthastrea. Back then nearly any color acan was desirable and they were all flying off the few farmer's frag racks who had them.This was the same CFM where 2 inch pieces of Sunset monti were going for upwards of two or three hundred, o how times change..

It was very difficult to get a hold of any Acan Lords, even from some of the better know wholesaler/importers in Los Angeles. Even when they did begin to trickle in, they commanded steep prices, and still do, though not as much during the "Acan' Rush of 2007/2008." It was not uncommon for small 4 inch colonies to be selling for four to seven hundred dollars and up, WHOLESALE!!

Any how, Australian livestock has always been a hot commodity, with good reason. The quality and coloration of Australian corals and fish is second to none. Now is a better time than ever for Aussie livestock, with great fish, SPS, scolymias, and of course mid blowing acans showing up more frequently, through the right sources.

I've heard some hobbyists complain that acans are old news, apparently a bygone trend like your dad's leisure suit. If your into this hobby to follow the fads and trends, then we are in it for seperate reasons. I love all coral, especially colorful ones, from "common" fungias, zoas, mushrooms, acros, favias, you name it. Acans come in some of the most beautiful color patterns of any coral, but to each his own and some people truly arn't interested.

It's interesting, I talk with various suppliers of mine, and they tell me in some parts of the country theyre saying "no more acans, we cant sell them" whereas in others, people like me are saying "send me acans, acans, acans, got any rainbows?" Thus is the dilema for the livestock dealer, its not what we like, its what the customer likes. It can be hard to predict sometimes, which is why we try to collect the best variety of the best pieces every coral we find.
Here are some Acans we have at the store right now that I thought I'd share.

One of my favorites
Interesting Bicolor morph, next to a "dragon soul" type Prism favia
This Piece is stunning, all colors arn't revealed until it deflates some

Gorgeous Rainbow Frag
This two (above and below) have got to be among the
LARGEST colonies I've seen, taking up nearly an entire lg.
box between the two.

Here's a nice little frag of an aussie chalice

Well that's it for now, I should be getting another shipment Friday full of surprises, and I will do my best to keep you posted!

-Adam Mullins

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunlight Supply Announces Tek Light "Elite"!!

Hot on the heels of their recent announcement of the new 60" Tek light, Sunlight Supply has graced us all with the early annoucement of the Tek Light Elite series of self cooled lights. Sunlight has been deluged with calls concerning the new lamp and its release date, as of right now it will be a few months.
This is great news and makes a great lamp even better. Many people have understood that keeping T5 bulbs cools helps them run more efficiently, increasing lamp life. In fact, it may seem like somewhat of a surprise its taken S.S. this long to add fans in the first place. Especially considering many other T5 units come with fans, like those from current or aquatic life.
We can't to get our hands on the new units, we've got some new displays being set up and were going T5 for lighting. Cheers to Sunlight Supply

New Products at The Mystic Reef, CAD lights!

CAD lighting is probably best known on the east coast for their rimless All-in-One nano systems and customs aquariums. The Mystic Reef is proud to bring in their line of protein skimmers, all in one nanos, faux coral inserts, sumps, and lighting systems.

CAD has earned a good reputation on the east coast, and were one of the first stores to bring it over to the west coast, however they are getting their warehouse set up and you should start to see their products hitting other stores shelves in the next few months.

CAD manufactures stock rimless tanks from 12 to 50 gallons, with starphire options available. The nanos have some unique feature compared to other "all-n-one" tanks on the market, such as a built in refugium chamber. These tanks are definitely in a class of their own visually. The rimless design is very elegant, especially when the light is suspended rather than mounted on legs. The bullnosed bottom glass is also a very higher end feature. There definetly is a niceThey are available with either power compact or 4 lamp T5HO fixtures.

Their line of BubbleMagus skimmers appear to be well built, and the NAC 66 seems to be a strong competitor in the midrange skimmer game, and is rated for 250-350 gallons, depending on bioload.

Rimless 22 gallon All-in-One Nano
Back of the Nano Tank, with built in refugium chamber,

12 gallon Nanos

Typical top-down, typical green slimer?

Nope, new Faux coral insert. While we'd much rather see Living corals in fish tanks, these new inserts are perfect for fish only tanks in need of some color, and they are almost half the price of some competing fake corals. The flexible faux-gorgonian would be a great hitching post for seahorse tanks

Now for some shots of the Skimmers:

The Nano Tanks have been so popular over the last week, that we have decided to set up the Rimless 55 gallon cube with Starphire glass as an in store display. We're open to suggestions for aquascaping and livestock, e-mail us your ideas. Heres some photos
55 Gallon Cube with 150whalide/ T5/LED moonlight Combo light

Under Cabinet with sump, and skimmer

Another strong seller for us lately has been the entire line of Eco-plus submersible pumps from Sunlight Supply. These pumps are said to run cooler than competing Rios and are much cheaper. So if your looking for an inexpensive submersible pump, Eco Plus may be a good option


Just a reminder, we also stock a full assortment of hard to find plumbing parts like, bulkheads, loc-lines, unions, tru-union valves.
In other news, we have been brining in more corals than ever, with more exciting rarities on the horizon from secret locations just now beginning to ship out corals, hot new tank raised nano fish, and LEDs rumored from various manufacturers, 2010 is definitely looking BRIGHT!!