Thursday, June 10, 2010


Were proud to add another new product to our expanding lineup of premium reef equipment. These RO units are awesome, and their low 1/1 rejection ratio should help your conscience, plus they have more features than a new car.. :emot95: Vertex Deluxe 100GPD RO/DI features:
*Oil-filled pressure gauge
* Booster pump
* Completely automated back flush system
* Microprocessor controlled
*Low pressure switch to shut down the unit if source water is disrupted
*High pressure switch to shut down the unit if used with float or any other valve
*Clear Canisters
*100GPD GE membrane
*Carbon Block
*DI cartridge
*One year warranty on all parts and components (excluding filters , membrane and cartridges) No need to purchase any add-ons units are supplied with all necessary connection and extras.
The Water/ product water ratio for this unit is 1:1 or better ( temperature dependent). Reduce your system carbon foot-print by wasting less water and save money.
All puratek units are supplied with GE reverse osmosis membrane (100GPD) which is recognized by “water quality association” to be of the best quality materials and made in US.

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