Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sustainable Aquatics Compliments Mystic Reef's Lineup

We're proud to offer Sustainable Aquatics lineup of captive bred, as well as captive raised fish to our selection of livestock. We're very excited about this as it gives us another avenue to provide our customers with more appropriately suited tank raised livestock. This includes popular clownfish such as black and whites occelaris, "snowflakes," exotic and hard to come by latezonatus, and unique species such as captive bred lookdowns.
Sustainable Aquatics also captive "raises" many different fish caught from tiny juveniles in the wild. This allows them to offer a good diversity of fish including clowns, chromis, cardinals, tangs, even clown triggers and wrasse, all of which grow up on an aquarium diet.
We have long felt a more "sustainable" practice was needed for many of these fish, including the "hearty" yellow tang, which suffer very high mortality rates from reef to retail. We have 12 captive raised yellows coming in, as well as yellow eye, sailfin, clown triggers, leafy filefish, and some rabbits, all accustomed to aquarium life and diet! Be sure to stop in this weekend to see our full shipment of sustainable fish!

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